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Working with a Registered Interior Designer

A Registered Interior Designer is an integral part of a successful project. Whether new construction, a remodel of existing space for a new purpose, or an upgrade to an existing space a Registered Interior Designer can take the lead in making informed decisions about a project.

A Registered Interior Designer is qualified to select components that will improve the health, safety and welfare of the occupants in an interior environment. How to get better daylight into the space. What materials are appropriate for a particular activity. How many and where to locate the fire extinguishers? These are some of the issues that are addressed when working with a Registered Interior Designer.

Registered Interior Designers are employed by interior design service only firms, architectural firms and end user companies (such as hospitals and utility companies). Whether hiring a registered interior designer for a private project or for your company, our website can put you on the path to finding an educated, experienced, and qualified partner.

How to Select a Registered Interior Designer

Registered Interior Designers can be found here on this website. You can search by city, designer name, business name and district. Both their place of business and their contact information will be listed.

Research the type of Registered Interior Designer that will be required. Are you looking for someone that specializes in hospitality design such as hotels and boutiques or do you need someone with a strong portfolio of residential projects? Once you find registered designers on our website, take a look at their business websites to find the right fit.

As a potential client or employer, one can invite Registered Interior Designers to interview for a particular project after you have narrowed down the search based on the project type. Sharing information regarding initial needs and including the budget for a project will help the professional prepare for the interview so that the best information is available to make an informed decision.

Ask friends and business associates about their experiences and recommendations. If you visit a particular space that speaks to you in some way, inquire with someone at the facility as to who was on the design team involved with the project. If you are acquainted with a Registered Interior Designer or other design professional, ask them for their opinion of who would best fit your needs.

How to Hire a Registered Interior Designer

After determining the designer to be engaged for the project, you and the Registered Interior Designer should discuss costs and the level of services to be provided. Services are charged in different ways depending on the firm and professional. Services may be fee based (a percentage charged for costs of the project), a flat fee (a determined cost for the services provided), or charged by the hour.

After determining the service needs and the type of fee structure, the registered professional will present a written contract for the services agreed upon. This will provide the client and the professional with a legally binding contract for the work. This protects the clients’ interest as to the scope of work expected and the interest of the registered professional to be compensated for their expertise.