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Design Codes

The Code of Alabama 1975
Alabama Interior Design Registration Act of 2010
Title 34
Section 15C

The Legislature declares that the purpose of this chapter is to establish a registration process for those interior designers who choose to obtain the credentials required to seal and submit construction documents for commercial interior projects in certain spaces less than 5,000 contiguous square feet within a building which has a total area of 2,500 square feet or more to building officials for review and permitting purposes…


Administrative Code
Alabama Board for Registered Interior Designers

…It shall be lawful for any person who is a registered interior designer pursuant to this act to participate as owners with architects and professional engineers, or both, in partnerships, corporations, professional corporations, professional associations and other business entity relationships. Such participation may include, where applicable, and without limitation, service as an officer, director, shareholder, voting or non-voting, and any other participation allowed under the laws of the State of Alabama…